Parveen sabrina khan


Parveen was brought up in a musical environment in Jaipur, India.

Born to an Indian father and a French mother , she belongs to a traditional musical lineage.

At the tender age of seven, she became the first girl in her family to receive formal Indian classical training from Dr. Leelawati Adsule, Emrat Dwarka, Abid Ali and her father Hameed Khan Kawa. She also started learning rare maands, a dying form of Rajasthani folk singing, by some local folk artist. She has performed at various events such as The Alchemy Festival, Festival des Vieilles Charrues, La Philharmonie  de Paris, The Jaipur Literature Festival , the South Bank Centre, The Jodhpur RIFF,  Sankalp Festival, The Bue Frog..and various other places in India ,France, Uk, Italy, Denmark, and Lebanon.

Festival Solidays Paris


comes from a Hindustani classical music background, His family are musicians from generations.

He invented the Tablaboxing, Tabla and Beatbox at the same time. He combines the ancient Tabla beats with the contemporary Beatbox beats.He was also selected for the France Beatbox championship 2015. He started performing in the age of 14 and from since has performed at various events such as  Festival Solidays,Festival Bou de Monde, the South Bank Centre London, Narial pani Mumbai, Common wealth Glasgow and various other places in India ,France, Uk, Italy, Denmark, and Lebanon.

Festval Yaouank invite with Krismen Alem

France Culture ( Centre  pompidou Paris ) with lLilian Thuram)